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13: The University of Bangor


  • 2014

  • The University of Bangor

Evaluation of High Performance Computing Wales

The University of Bangor

High Performance Computing (HPC) Wales is an innovative collaboration which gives businesses and researchers access to world-class, secure and easy to use high performance computing (HPC) technology.

The consultancy team looked at the benefits and impact of this £40m programme which offers access to equipment for SMEs to perform projects, alongside skills and training courses and support (via a Skills Academy managed by Fujitsu). The project’s supercomputing infrastructure and service is unique in the UK. In partnership with Welsh universities, Government and Fujitsu, its offers the supercomputing power, high level skills training and customised support to help address global challenges and accelerate scientific breakthroughs. The evaluation involved an analysis of project performance, in-depth discussions with stakeholders and a beneficiary survey combined with follow-up case studies to bring the study to life. The team quantified the current and projected net impact of the project and made observations about how the programme could be enhanced.

 “Wide variety”

“From improving cancer treatment and optimising offshore wind farms, to rendering computer-generated imagery (CGI) for movies, our services can benefit a wide variety of projects for which the technology may previously have been out of reach.”

~ HPC website