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12: The University of Sheffield


  • 2013

  • The University of Sheffield

Evaluation of the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centres (AMRC) Projects

The University of Sheffield

Collectively these assets represent one of the most substantial investments in advanced manufacturing and materials in the UK over the last decade and sizeable European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) allocations in the last EU programming period.

The University of Sheffield commissioned the Innovation Partnership in association with Kada Research to undertake an independent evaluation of several of AMRC investments, collectively known as the AMRC Hub, comprising:

  • The Nuclear AMRC / Knowledge Transfer Centre (Capital Project)
  • The Factory of the Future Extension (Capital Project)
  • The AMRC Hub Revenue (Revenue Project)

The study highlighted that locally the AMRC provides a manufacturing and engineering growth hub at the heart of the City Region and the Enterprise Zone. The report suggests it is well placed to cement the investment to date and position itself in the forefront of the development of the LEP and its priorities. This report also notes that the AMRC Hub investment clearly fulfils the university’s Department of Mechanical Engineering’s mission to carry out research for fundamental science through to practical industrial applications. The consulting team assessed the project’s performance and budgetary position as well as its management and implementation including promotion, branding and marketing. The business impacts were also summarised including the scale, quality and type of businesses attracted and the degree to which the investment met business needs. The team identified future support requirements and the future direction of the AMRC. The client described the study as an ‘excellent report’.


“The collective policy and wider UK impact of the AMRC Hub projects on the manufacturing sector should not be underestimated. They are now an integral part of the LEP’s priorities, BIS aspirations for the sector and the University’s plans for the AMRC and its engineering faculty. The AMRC Hub projects have brought about significant leverage which continues to enhance the product and service offering of the site and benefit regional and national companies as a result.”

~ Karl Dalgleish