Covid-19 has posed one of the greatest challenges in recent memory, creating huge uncertainty for almost every business in almost every industry. What exactly has happened in the last few months? How are S-PA members adjusting? When does the pandemic end and when does the recovery begin? And what should the property offer for Sheffield and the Sheffield City Region (SCR) look like in the future? 

A new Kada report helping the S-PA to answer these questions has identified that the Sheffield economy has been less exposed to Covid-19 than most ‘core’ English cities.  

Karl Dalgleish, Director of Kada Research, said:   

“As a Sheffield company we valued working with the S-PA and its members to assess the city’s property sector in the wake of Covid-19. Our Special Bulletin starts by reflecting on the experience of the last few months for S-PA members, before looking ahead to the future.  

“It is apparent that members are keen to see Sheffield’s distinctive strengths promoted more. They feel the city has a compelling offer for those wanting to relocate to the North. Sheffield should be ambitious and, in light of recent circumstances, has a one-off opportunity to change the fabric of how we build, live and work.”  

Martin McKervey, Chair of the Sheffield Property Association:  

“Along with the backing of our members, the Sheffield Property Association commissioned the report to, firstly, take stock and analyse how Covid-19 has impacted the property sector in Sheffield, and secondly, look at how the industry and the city can drive forward in the wake of the pandemic.  

“We believe we are the first regional property body to instruct such a study, so the findings are extremely helpful – for us as individual organisations, but also the city and the Sheffield City Region.  

“The good news is that, despite the national uncertainty and enforced changes to the working landscape, Sheffield’s strong property foundations remain in place.   

“However, that does not mean we stop to congratulate each other. We must use the fact we have found a way to navigate through this situation as a springboard to a bigger and more ambitious future. Now is the time to open the door to the rest of the UK. Sheffield is a competitive location with a compelling story – so let’s tell it.”  

On the back of this Kada report, the Sheffield Property Association and its members have identified a number of key strategic areas in which it would like to see change moving forward.  

Helen Johnson – a Partner at Kennedys who has been leading a group of S-PA members that are feeding into the city’s economic recovery planning alongside other business groups and cultural bodies, outlined these recurring strategic desires:  

“As an association that undeniably has the city’s best interests at heart, we believe that stronger civic leadership and a business voice is needed to help drive forward a successful plan for the city.   

“This means ensuring that the Green City Strategy becomes a reality, levelling up so there is less division between affluent and deprived areas, and above all else, we need be celebrating and shouting about our world class outdoor and wellbeing offer – now more than ever.” 

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