Jack Orwin

Research Consultant

BSc Geography

Career History

Jack joined KADA research in September 2021 from AVIVA having worked for 2 years as a health insurance claims consultant. Jack graduated from Sheffield Hallam in November 2019 with a first-class honours having completed his final year dissertation on the link between deprivation and crime using Birmingham as a case study and implementing GIS software to map the relation.

Strengths and Experience 

Jack’s key strengths are in quantitative and qualitative research and report writing, developed during his time at university and on previous work placements with an environmental consultancy firm.

Outside of Work

Outside of work, Jack is a big sports fan- primarily football of which he is a passionate and usually disappointed Newcastle United supporter. He also enjoys travelling and visited Iceland twice in the final two years of his degree both with and without the university.

Interesting Fact

Jack took part in a volunteering expedition in Mexico that involved scuba diving and monitoring turtle numbers and fortunately didn’t encounter any particularly unfriendly sea life- with the exception of some venomous lionfish.

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