Career History

Emily joined KADA in September 2023 after completing her Education and Psychology postgraduate degree at the University of Sheffield and having achieved her BA in Sociology.

During her studies she volunteered as a tutor, helping those students most affected by the COVID school closures and acting as a mentor to help them adjust in their first years.

Since joining KADA Emily has worked on a number of projects in the creative and cultural sector, drawing on her experience of delivering survey and database management, desk-based research and proof-reading and editing.

Key Strengths & Experience

During her time at the University of Sheffield Emily helped to pioneer Alumni Talks – a programme where students get to attend talks and Q&As with successful alumni. These sessions aimed to increase student’s confidence when looking for work after graduation.

She has a wealth of experience in content and narrative analysis from her studies on the themes of moral panic and childhood, which formed part of her dissertation.

As part of her postgraduate dissertation on attitudes and experiences regarding anxiety disorders in young people, she was also able to familiarise herself with qualitative and quantitative research and survey design, and with how to conduct in-depth interviews.

Outside of Work

Emily loves to socialise with friends in her spare time. She is also a keen foodie and enjoys trying out new recipes at home as well as finding new restaurants to go out to.

She regularly travels out into the Peak District to explore the local wildlife through hiking and taking photographs.

Interesting Fact

Recently, Emily purposefully spent three nights in a haunted hotel.