Costas Georgiou

Principle Economist

BSc (Hons) MSc PGDip

Study Economist, project and strategic advisor, Mentor, Senior researcher and evaluator.

Career History

Costas Georgiou is an economy consultant with significant experience in economic research and European funding. He has worked for the public and private sectors, universities and third sector initiatives. Costas started work as a researcher in a Development Corporation working on building design and transport mobility in Milton Keynes.  Later he worked on local strategy and master planning in Sheffield and South Yorkshire, and helped deliver an £800m European programme.  Since 2011, he has run Local Economy Matters, a consultancy specialising in socio-economic assessments and fund applications.  Having worked as an associate for many years, Costas joined Kada Research in January 2019.


His strengths are in socio-economic analysis and primary research for area-based local economies; undertaking impact assessments and technical evaluations; project managing and delivering public, private and third sector initiatives; supporting funding bids; and strategic planning and evidence gathering for socio-economic programmes.


Costas’ experience includes working for 11 years on lobbying, negotiating with the European Commission and helping to deliver one of the UK’s largest European programmes, South Yorkshire Objective 1.  He has worked on Objective 2, RECHAR and RESIDER; and on PHARE advising in Hungary and Bulgaria.  He has also been deputy manager on a community initiative for the long-term unemployed; principal researcher at Sheffield City Council; equality lecturer; and head of strategy at Sheffield City Region.


Costas’ skills include: project management; socio-economic assessment; policy and strategic development; primary and secondary research; survey design and analysis; impact assessment; management of external consultants; report writing; funding applications; management of human resources; and an eye for detail.

Outside of Work

Costas enjoys traveling, photography and reading, and also walking and cycling with his more fascinating family and friends.

Interesting Fact

Costas once owned a family of unsociable alpacas.

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