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49. A scoping study of the creative & technology sector within Worcestershire

The Innovation Partnership and Kada Research were commissioned by Worcestershire County Council (WCC) to assess the make-up, scope and opportunities of the Creative and Technology sectors (the CreativeTech sector) in Worcestershire. In a time of rapid globalisation and growth, many creative and technology industries are thriving.  WCC wanted to know if the County had a strong CreativeTech sector and ecosystem to support its growth.  What opportunities are there and what is needed to help the sector flourish?

A review of the global and national strategic context was undertaken. The County’s key CreativeTech assets and institutions were mapped, and the composition of the sector’s regional economy assessed.  The impact of the coronavirus outbreak was considered. Surveys with 75 CreativeTech companies were undertaken and the report featured mini profiles of local firms with CreativeTech specialisms.

Kada has also been retained by the WCC to draft ten case studies for their new website, showcasing how firms have adapted and thrived during Coronavirus.

This was an important study for the CreativeTech sector that has had very mixed fortunes since the Coronavirus outbreak. Our study provided the first assessment of this diverse and growing set of industries. As part of the work an action plan was developed to support the development, recovery, and resilience of the sector.

– Karl Dalgleish (Study Director, Kada Research).

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