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42. University of Leeds shifts toward a decarbonisation agenda.

Thank you for the comprehensive nature of the report.

Dr Rachael Spraggs (Senior Collaborations Manager, School of Earth and Environment and School of Mechanical Engineering).

In light of the University’s new Climate Principles, Kada Research was commissioned by the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds to conduct a landscape review of the current and future potential activities of applied geoscience research, which has historically received significant funding from fossil fuel extractors and is, at least in part, represented by Petroleum Leeds.

We produced two reports.  The first looked at subsurface market opportunities for low carbon energy generation, subsurface energy storage and mitigation strategies for environmental change. The market review covered geothermal energy, carbon capture and storage (CCS), nuclear, and the mining of critical metals and rare earth elements. For each of these sub-sectors we reviewed the sectoral value and size, the key stakeholders involved, and examples of current and future projects from industry and research groups.  As part of the review, we spoke to leading figures in the energy industry. 

The second report assessed the current position held by Petroleum Leeds and identified strategic options to allow a planned and orderly transition towards decarbonisation and sub-surface research agenda. A desk-based review of internal activity and comparator universities was completed, combined with findings from interviews and workshops with University of Leeds staff and industry stakeholders.  We were asked to be bold when considering credible options. We presented a preferred option that included short term recommendations (to 2022) and medium-term recommendations (2022-30).

Many thanks for sending the report through, looks like another great piece of work.

– Andy Emery (PhD Researcher, School of Earth and Environment, Leeds).

I’d like to thank you for the comprehensive nature of the report – with the minor changes/clarifications I’ve added this will be an excellent starting point as we develop our strategy.

-Dr Rachael Spraggs (Senior Collaborations Manager, School of Earth and Environment and School of Mechanical Engineering)

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