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39. Maximising local benefits for a new auto investment in Stockport

There has always been a desire from local authorities to maximise the benefits of new development.  Many councils now have a social value requirement and follow CITB guidance on maximising training and employment benefits.  Stockport Council has a procurement, regeneration and social value statement to ensure any investment in goods and services generates added social, environmental and economic value for residents. This places a requirement on potential contractors to think about how the goods or services they are offering to supply will also ensure added benefit to the local community.

LSH Auto UK, part of the world’s largest Mercedes-Benz dealership (LSH International), was developing the UK’s first Mercedes-Benz Autohaus – a dedicated retail space that forms part of the brand-new Mercedes-Benz – in Stockport.  LSH Auto Properties (UK) Ltd was keen to respond proactively to the Council’s social value requirements and planning conditions and ensure local unemployed people benefited from work and training opportunities.

Kada Research was commissioned to draft a Training and Employment Plan (TEMP).  TEMPs are now a routine company offer for Kada.  They set out training requirements, potential areas of employment and the role of appointed subcontractors implicated in the new development. We spoke to HR managers from contractors and sub-contractors, to identify the potential jobs during both construction and operation of the completed facility where new posts, from car sales and customer service to business management were provided. Our plan, drafted in partnership with the council’s skills officers, showed that the development would exceed many of their indicative job targets.

The new dealership for LSH in Stockport was a landmark project for all involved and the support provided by Kada Research in achieving successful planning consent was invaluable. Karl Dalgleish and his team really know their stuff and the report produced was of the highest quality. LSH, their key stakeholders and the local community are delighted with their new facility and the boost it has given to the local economy.

John Setra (Managing Director, K2 Consultancy).

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