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27. Evaluation of the Big Lottery Reaching Communities Step Forward Project

  • 2017

  • The Cathedral Archer Project

Evaluation of the Big Lottery Reaching Communities Step Forward Project

The Cathedral Archer Project

The Big Lottery funded Step Forward project is run by the Cathedral Archer Project (CAP). It has changed the way CAP engages with, and progresses, the people it works with. The project has deepened work with local stakeholders across the City of Sheffield and resulted in a transformation of the prospects for many individuals.

This report considers the Big Lottery project’s performance, delivery and key lessons. It takes into account the views of the project team, external stakeholders and, most importantly, the people worked with.

The main aims of the project at the time were to engage people over a period of time, to help them realise development opportunities, reduce homelessness and develop a sense of personal achievement.

There were several factors that informed the development of the project, notably increasing numbers of people who were presenting with multiple and complex needs including mental illness, drug dependency, alcohol abuse and criminal behaviour.

The research found that activities have had a more profound effect on people’s lives and their recovery than was anticipated. Perhaps the single biggest lesson has been acceptance of how people behave and react. The Step Forward project has quite simply changed many people’s lives and participants have progressed to positive outcomes and experienced improvements in their physical and mental health.

“The report looks absolutely great. We all really like the time lines and think the stand out quotations lift it and are well chosen. It makes us proud of what we’ve done. I also like the colours and the section starter pages. We heard yesterday afternoon that our follow-on bid has been successful. Thank you for all your support and contributions.”

~ Tim Renshaw, CEO CAP, November 2017