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21. Leeds City Region Growth Hub Evaluation

  • Leeds City Region

Evaluation of the Leeds City Region Growth Service

Leeds City Region

Kada was contracted to evaluate the Leeds City Region Growth Service. With such a geographically large area, some 119,000 businesses and very contrasting neighbourhoods designing a business service that would resonate with a broad range of businesses is quite a challenging prospect!

The Leeds City Region (LCR) Growth Service, launched in July 2015, is at the heart of the Local Enterprise Partnership’s (LEP’s) business support model to simplify the offer for businesses.

It acts as the focal point for all new and existing business support products and services across the LCR. As the Growth Service is at an early stage in its lifespan, this evaluation reflects on the project’s rationale, operation and initial impact and performance. This formative review was designed to inform year two and set a baseline for future evaluation activity.

The study helped the client and its partners understand whether the delivery model was fit for purpose. Over 100 businesses were also consulted about their experience of the service as part of the review.

“The service has made a good start and is a welcome addition to the business support landscape.” EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. JUNE 2016

“My view is that after discussions with 17 stakeholders and over 100 businesses we developed a strong understanding for the client of where the service was effective and where, operationally, it could work to enhance its offer. Our recommendations were presented to a sub-group of the LEP board – they were very practical in nature focusing on the operational details to make the user experience an effective and pleasant one as well as some strategic recommendations for the Business Innovation Group Panel”.
Karl Dalgleish, Study Director, June 2016