FREE Training and Employment Plan

“The support provided by Kada Research in achieving successful planning consent was invaluable. Karl Dalgleish and his team really know their stuff and the report produced was of the highest quality.”

– John Setra, Managing Director K2 Consultancy for LSH Auto UK

Working on a major construction scheme? This free Training and Employment Plan (TEMP) template provides you with the tools needed to demonstrate the local training and employment benefits.

Why would you need this plan? It may be a planning requirement or part of a council’s social value policy. You may simply want to demonstrate the benefits of your development to the local community, funders or politicians. This training plan is aimed at Construction Managers, Project Managers and Developers.

Download our free Training and Employment Plan today to get a head start on your planning

This free downloadable plan includes:

  • A detailed 10-page fill-in-the-blanks editable word report.
  • A breakdown of the projected targets and skill areas as well as a final method statement.
  • Guidance on how to add further details such as environmental or social benefits, as required.
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