An Internationalisation Strategy for York and North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership

This mini site, hosted by Kada Research, presents a suite of reports informing a new internationalisation strategy for the York and North Yorkshire (Y&NY) Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). The work was carried out between November 2020 and May 2021.

The first report looks at inward investment and foreign-owned companies. It then discusses international connections as well as global and local strengths in key sectors. The second report summarises the findings of a business survey with 108 business and presents some internationalisation case studies. The third gives an overview of trade flows, EU dependency and trade partners more generally as well as the status of the new Free Trade Agreements. These three reports provide the ‘building blocks’ for the strategy. The final (fourth) report (the strategy) includes some key objectives and elements for the new internationalisation strategy. Each of these is considered in detail along with some key priorities.

Report 01 > Sub-Regional Strengths and Global Market Opportunities

Report 02 > Internationalisation Business Survey Analysis and Case Studies

Report 03 > International Trade Data and the Emerging Shape of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)

Report 04 > Internationalisation Strategy: Objectives and Priorities

Video Case Studies

Two video case studies were also filmed as part of the study – Authenticate IS and Power Health. These can be accessed below: