This November marks the tenth anniversary of KADA Research and the Director, Karl Dalgleish, has reflected on this journey in ‘The changing faces of Park Hill’ podcast, which this blog post will introduce.

Park Hill is iconic building and KADA are proud to be based here, with its vibrant community yet tranquil landscape.

KADA is a UK and International economic development consultancy focused on people, places, and businesses. We work across a range of areas with recent projects covering agri-tech, health to tourism. KADA works from bid development and strategy writing through to evaluation, so our team has expertise in each of those areas.

The impacts of Covid-19 have brought some opportunities as well as challenges for us. Like many businesses we had to go virtual overnight, and we had to adapt the way we worked together and with our clients. However, the impacts of the pandemic economically and socially have created a need for economic consultants who can help produce evidence to understand and develop strategies to overcome these new challenges.

KADA has grown over the last ten years and has a three-year plan to continue this growth. It now employs eight full-time members of staff. Looking ahead to the next ten years is an exciting time for KADA. The nature of our work is challenging but we relish complex projects that make a genuine difference in the areas we work.

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Interview, production and editing by James Marriott of Sound Media